Our Mission

Christianity is currently competing against 21st Century technology. Distracted by social media, we trade real friends for Facebook likes. Churches cannot reach through the clutter without a large marketing budget, making it difficult for believers--old and new--to find the right community that fits their location, demographics, and schedule. We're turning that tide.

Post Your Programming

Use the categories, tags, and other attributes to host your programming or sell tickets to your events.

Visitors Find You

You no longer need a fancy website or massive Facebook following to reach the people you can best serve.

Grow Your Community

Members of small groups are 5x more likely to be involved. Welcome visitors directly into your strengths.

What baptized.life can do for your Organization

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Pricing For Submissions

Choose the package that best fits your needs. Charges will be invoiced directly by email, AFTER events have been approved by baptist.life.

Single Event


A Single Event with No Ticket/Admission

Perfect for Conferences, Concerts, & Events 

Ticketed Events: + $1 per ticket sold

*Requires Moderator Approval after Submission

"Featured" Promotion: + $9

Recurring Event

$29 per year

Recurring Event, unlimited meetings within (1) calendar year

Perfect for Congregation Service, Group Meetings, Bible Studies

Ticketed Events are not supported 

*Requires Moderator Approval after Submission

"Featured" Promotion: + $3 per event

Featured events are: 
1.) Highlighted on calendar
2.) Move to the top of the daily list
3.) Are featured on most webpages

Best Deal!



Automatically Import events from existing Facebook page, Meetup, & more

Perfect for larger organizations and those already using other platforms

Ticketed Events: + $1 per ticket sold

Events import & update automatically from source

"Featured" Currently Unavailable

Most Convenient

Responsibility: What We Do With The Money

We are on a mission bigger than ourselves, which includes donating 20% of revenue to charitable organizations. "Test me in this and see if I don’t open up heaven itself to you and pour out blessings beyond your wildest dreams." Malachi 3 (The Message)